Monday, April 12, 2010

Progress Pictures.

A few days after I started Weight Watcher's (December 31st was my start date), I had my husband snap a few pictures. I did NOT want to get in front of the camera. I knew what I looked like, and in a "before" picture, I could not hide behind the kids, or the furniture. Nevertheless, I intended to stick to this diet, and I knew before pictures would help me in the long run. So, here you have it... my before pictures, taken about January 3rd, 2010.

As of today I have lost 22.6 lbs. I feel myself getting a little complacent. Still on the plan, but it's starting to feel second nature again. I thought some pictures would help me stay motivated. My clothes fit better, some of my smaller sizes (22's, I have such a long way to go, lol!) fit again, and the best part? My bras fit again. Taking these pictures, I really did not think I would be able to see the difference. Imagine my surprise when I did!
I think my face looks a lot thinner, maybe even one less chin. Hehe. I can see my waist area is thinner. Not a lot of change in the back yet, still the world's largest ass.
A side shot, so after the next 20 lbs I have even more to compare, too.

I am trying to stay focused, and still going strong.


Alyssa said...

congrats jamie! you're awesome!

Amy G said...

Great job! I can totally see a difference... you look awesome. I wish I did that with the pictures.

I've lost 15 lbs and I've hit a plateau but it's ok. My clothes fit so much better... I'm back in my size 16s and I actually had to buy new jeans because the ones I had were literally falling off of me. Plus a lot of people have noticed, which is always nice:)

Jamie said...

Thanks, Alyssa!

Yay, Amy!

The Pedrazas said...

Way to go!!!!! Keep it up.

Misty said...

You look fantastic!!!

Sure the 20lb makes a significant difference, but know what I see? Your confidence growing. The way you're holding your head & shoulders in the pics tell the story. WW can't take credit for that. It comes from inside!

Congrats and hang in there. Kisses!!!