Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few highlights from Universal Studios

While we visited southern California we took the boys to Universal Studios for the first time. They had a great day!

Theo loved seeing Marilyn Monroe!

I was excited to converse with Lucille Ball. She was a riot.

Spongebob excited the kids so much!

There was a 3D Shrek show, and then we met him, too. So cool.

The lower lot brought us Scooby and Shaggy! I think this was the highlight of the boys' day!

Hunter could not believe that Shaggy was real!

The boys have never seen the mummy, but from the Field Museum, they know what mummys are. They were so excited to see a real mummy walking around. So funny!

There was a giant room full of foam balls to play in. This was so much fun, I was even running around like crazy!


Donkey was very interactive, he told Ben they would open their own waffle shop, "Ben and Donkey's waffle shop."

Dracula scared the kids at first, because he "bit" mommy. I laughed so hard I drew a crowd.

But then Dracula persuaded the boys to approach him, and he covered them with his cape. Again, so funny.
We had a great day at Universal Studios, but I think when the boys are a little taller, and they can get on the rides, they will have even more fun there!

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