Friday, August 7, 2009

Just your average wonderful summer.

I've had computer and internet problems throughout the summer, but I have not ceased to take thousands of pictures, of course. These are some of the highlights around here from June.
It took Ben until he was almost bigger than the tricycle to learn to finally pedal it!

Our first harvest of sugar snap peas came in June also. I start these peas in March. Ben helped me pick this particular day. The boys LOVE peas!

Ben playing in his tee-pee. I dismantled this tee-pee a couple weeks ago and plan on moving it into the fenced portion of the yard sometime soon.

Of course, we had to beat the heat with our favorite cheap-o, blast-from-the-past Frosty Freeze soft serve.

We've made sure to get lots of fishing in this summer, too.

Hunter with his catch of the day.

Me. I don't always fish, sometimes I just read.
Theo with his catch of the day.
Hunter in the fishing supply box.
Then, he carries it back to the car for dad.

Hunter got a Buzz Lightyear costume for his birthday, and just week later I found a Woody costume in Ben's size at a yard sale for $2. They spent a large chunk of early summer in these outfits all day.
One night during a bonfire we found a frog to play with. Here are Hunter and McKenzie with the frog.

Ben and McKenzie by the fire.

Ben's little chairs fold up into backpacks.

Here are Ben and McKenize just hanging out, being goofy, by the clubhouse.
Many more summer photos to come, as we've kept very busy!


leena! said...

I love the shot of Ben with the peas. So adorable!

Jamie said...

Me, too, Leena. Thanks! These kids LOVE sugar snap peas so much! I planted a fall crop already.