Monday, February 2, 2009


This weekend I insisted we get out into the snow and sled. We've had so much snow, and since fall really we've had chances to sled, and just haven't. I'm no dope, and I know taking both Ben and Hunter by myself would have been way too much, and someone would have got hurt. Now that Dad's home, and I have some help, we were on our way!
Here's Ben and Dad before they headed up the hill.

And down Ben and Dad go together.

At the bottom of the hill.

There's Ben after going down all by himself, he laughed the whole way, and LOVED it!

See, his joy?

And back up the hill they go.
I love where we live.
Hunter follows Dad and Ben up the hill, pulling his little purple sled.
Ben on his way back up again... I lost count of how many times he went up and down.
Dad and Hunter went down together. Hunter, although hesitant at first, loved his ride, saying, "Weeee" the whole way. Ben rode down simultaneously on the blue sled.

Happy boy.

My three beautiful boys.

Hunter helps Dad shove Ben down the hill again.
There goes Ben!
LOL! Hunter insisted on pulling his purple sled down the hill. You can see Ben made significantly better time on his sled. That speck at the bottom of the hill is Ben.
My love.

Me and my littlest love.
Working hard, pulling his sled.
I love my life.

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