Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Ideas

The past few years I've been pretty good about making commitments at new year time. This year my artistic goals are running through my head but I've been so busy working to jot them down.  So here are a few that come to mind.
This year I will:
-make mittens from old sweaters
-learn to crochet
-make a rag rug
-learn to cable knit
-make knit socks
-make garlands galore
-hypertufa more!!
-sell myphotography
-open an Etsy vintage shop
-commit to making stuff I love rather than manufacturing the same things over and over

I will continue the weight loss journey through the entire year. Final total tgis last year was about 38 lbs. (After holiday weight gain), but I already lost more.

We will get our bikes fixed and get a way to take them on our camping trips and locally.

I will resume cooking for my family not full time but often enough. I miss it and with theo starting a new job with different hours the timing is perfect.

We will start a hefty savings acct.

We will camp in Canada.

We will get rid of excess stuff.

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