Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The ladies at my Weight Watchers meeting gave me a fabulous idea last week. Each week we are asked to write down 1one thing we're going to focus on for the next week. Last week I wrote down that I was going to track my water. I'm mostly get my water in, but I tend to forget the majority of the day and then have to drink a lot of water in the evening. This results in me having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Bathroom is on the first floor at the back of the house... bedroom is on the second floor and I have to climb over my husband & dog, and occasionally a cat or two... plus the steps are noisy and sometimes it wakes up the kids. The lesson here is that I need to keep track of my water all day and spread it out evenly. Their suggestion? To get a "cute thing" to hold my water and leave it on the counter all day ( or in the fridge for those of you who like your water chilled). It's one of those brilliant-why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas. I committed to tracking my water this week but I didn't do very good. In fact I did the same thing I've done the previous weeks and got most of my water in the end of the day. Last night I said enough is enough and I forked out $11 at Wally World and brought home this jug and a matching plastic cup doesn't hurt. This might not be a cute vintage container like I would prefer, but it's real glass,  it sort of matches the kitchen, and it holds 128 ounces of water, which should get me closer to drinking all my water- all day long. The visual of watching the water go down throughout the day is probably going to be pretty gratifying. Not to mention noticing at noon that I still have a full jug might make me drink my water earlier in the day.
I'm down 24lbs since December 31st as of last Tuesday. Tonight is my weigh in... and the home scale shows me 3.5 pounds down this week! I know some of that will come back on throughout the day, but still gearing up for another great week!

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