Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everyday Lately

No big picture-taking events going on in our lives lately, just normal, glorious, everyday stuff.

Ben had his first performance of the year. His kindergarten class sang with the preschoolers from his school at another classmates church in town south of us. I enjoyed going to another church like ours, and Ben sang all the words: miraculous. Everyone told me his K teacher is great at getting the kids to sing, and they were right. Also, she played guitar along with them, which was nice.

Ben has been spending the little free-time he gets between wrestling, church, and school with his legos still. Last night he constructed an airport with a car, airplane, and more. He brought it all downstairs to show me, and ellaborately explained the whole thing. This was a "Fun Airport," I'm guessing like a "Fun House."There were two big sticks to smash your head, and a wrench to "wrench your bones." Alrighty then.

Meanwhile Hunter squished his Schmoopy cat. She is getting so big!

This is from last week. Hunter puts this costume on all the time. It so cute to sporadically see Buzz with his wings go flying by.

Hope Fall finds you all well.

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